Patrick Gillespie for Congress, Texas District 33

Dear fellow Texans,

This is Patrick David Gillespie.

Thank You again for electing me to be Your Republican Nominee for United States House of Representatives in Texas District 33 for 2024.

I know the great responsibilities of being that nominee and look forward to this task once again with your support and with the will of GOD.

Why am I running for U.S. Representative and how do I plan to engage with your constituents?
I’m running for Congress because I had enough of watching the U.S.A. devolving into overt Marxist actions which will tear our country apart. I will do my best to halt the progression of Communist principles infecting from our school boards to our military. Lenin stated “Get one generation of children indoctrinated into communism, and you will have that country on the path to communism”.

I plan to manage Constituent requests efficiently, with my staff on the same message. Respond to Constituent inquiries quickly. Regular town hall meetings. Using surveys effectively. Use multimedia elements.

What policies would I propose, if any, so the U.S. immigration system is both effective and humane?
There are more than one million people that become U.S. Citizens yearly. We must have immigrants vetted and not have an invasion of 10’s of thousands illegally cross our border daily. Our weak leadership must stop enticing people to travel from all over the world causing a humanitarian crisis throughout central America and Mexico. If you want to take care of the crisis humanly, take humane action on the Mexico side of the border.

What should be the goals of US Foreign Policy and what policies would you support to accomplish them?
Peace through Strength. With the U.S. having weak leadership, countries are wanting to overthrow us either by electronic surveillance, buying 43.5 million acres of U.S. land by foreign persons, and economic means by China. Since U.S. Citizens cannot purchase land in China, Stop selling land to China especially around military bases.

What measures, if any, need to be taken at the federal level to address the impacts of climate change?
Let’s look at what the countries that pollute the environment are doing. China just completed building 52 coal burning electric generating plants. India generates 401 gigawatts of electricity through their coal burning electric generation plants with an increase of 40% more electric generation from coal burning plants in the next 8 years. Brazil keeps burning down the rainforest. All these countries have exemptions under the Paris climate accords until the year 2070 because they are “developing countries”? The U.S. can switch to natural gas for all the electric generation done by coal in US. Plus get out of the Paris Climate Accords and demand our money back.

What federal laws, if any, should be passed to ensure free and fair access to the ballot?
We have the correct laws in place, photo ID. You need a photo ID to board an airplane. Buy a legal gun. Open a bank account. The states which offer photo IDs to illegal immigrants are breaking the law. If a person doesn’t have a birth certificate, they can write to the Census Bureau and have a copy of the last census showing their address and age at the time of the census as proof to get a government approved ID. My grandfather didn’t have a birth certificate and that is how he received substantiation of his lawful rights to get a government I.D..

What steps, if any, do you propose Congress take to curb gun violence in our communities?
I believe that we need better focus on mental health because anything in the hands of a person with mental health issues could be used as a weapon. Red flag laws are proving not to be a deterrent to gun violence. I would advocate those laws on the books be enforced. I will not propose the abolition of the 2nd Amendment. Gang violence must be addressed and gang members must have prison sentences which have no parole.

What are the most important challenges facing our country and how do you propose to address them?
10 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Enforce the laws on the books!! Woke policies being taught in the school systems and having the FBI knocking on the doors of parents speaking out at school board meetings as Domestic Terrorists under the FBI threat tag school board threat. Get rid of the threat tag! 32 TRILLION DOLLARS INDEBT! Stop spending money we don’t have! Balance the budget and pay down the debt with any surplus. TACKLE THE FENTANYL POISONING EPIDEMIC! This is the number one killer of our young adults and children between the ages of 19 and 40. The pushers of this poison should be charged with Capital Murder.

Early voting starts October 21, 2024 through November 1, 2024. Election Day is November 5, 2024.

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