Patrick David Gillespie – An Introduction

This is Patrick David Gillespie.
My family has celebrated close to 400 years in the America.
Starting on my Father’s side:
In Virginia in New Kent County, Blissland Parish around 1640 from Scotland and Ireland.
My 5th and 6th Great Grandfathers were gun smiths during the Revolutionary War in South Carolina.
My 4th Great Grandfather volunteered for service in the War of 1812 from Virginia.
By DNA, my 3rd Great Grandfather was sheriff of Tarrant County, Texas around 1866 to 1869 and Justice of the Peace in Kaufman County, Texas.
My 2nd Great Grandfather fought honorably in the Civil War receiving a medal for his service from new State of West Virginia.
Great Grandfather Peter Gillespie was a farmer in West Virginia.
Grandfather Ivan Gillespie Sr helped build ships in the Baltimore Maryland shipyards.
Father Ivan Gillespie Jr. was in the Certified Nurses Aid.
All my father’s Maternal side were homemakers.

Mother’s side:
6th Great Grandparents, Thomas Wilson from Scotland and Mary Riley from Ireland .set sail to America in 1720’s and settled in Maryland.
5th Great Grandfather, Thomas Wilson II was born in 1740 and bravely fought in the American Revolutionary War and earned the rank of Captain. After the war, a grateful nation Military Land Granted him 800 acres and as of 2014; the family still owning 269 acres of the land grant. Photos attached.
4th Great Grandfather, Thomas Wilson III volunteered for service in the War of 1812 from Maryland.
3rd Great Grandfather, William P. Wilson was a farmer.
2nd Great Grandfather, Josiah Wilson bravely fought in the Civil War and earned a medal for his service from the new State of West Virginia.
Great Grandfather, Elsworth Wilson was a civil engineer in Barbour County, West Virginia.
Grandfather Carl Grubbs worked at CSX Transportation (Railroad).
All my Mother’s Maternal side were homemakers.

I was born on September 18,1957 by Melvina Joyce Gillespie and Ivan Joe Gillespie in Huntington, West Virginia.

Graduated from Huntington High School.
Attended Marshall University- We are Marshall!!

Mastered the clarinet from age 8 to 23

I came to Texas for opportunity to grow and thrive in 1984.

Worked at:
The Boeing Company for 19.5 years
BAE Systems for 8 years
American Airlines for 10 years
Flextronics International 1year

Former Vice President of Local Lodge 2768 of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers Union.

I was a victim of outsourcing by the policies of NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton from BAE Systems

Being laid off from BAE Systems at age 55 is like a death…I will survive.

And cheap labor to China by Flextronics International

Currently working for:
UPS Supply Chain Solutions for 7 years in the international division Entry Writing shipments to present to U.S. Customs
Verify Corporation inspecting for 7 years

Patrick David Gillespie

Land Granted by Maryland to
Captain Thomas Wilson II
Captain Thomas Wilson II
Land Marker
Captain Thomas Wilson II
Burial Location